St. Michael's Chapel Association's Letter ― January '04

St. Michael's Chapel Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 320277
Bush Terminal Station
Brooklyn, New York 11232

January 3, 2004

Dear Association Members and Friends of St. Michael's,

The Lord is with us!

As the civil calendar marks a new year, we would like to wish you every blessing in the coming year. May it be one of increasing faith, hope and joy for you and those dear to you.

In October the Association held its Annual Meeting which was well attended and very lively. Having voted for the Board of 2004 we welcome new Board Members Joanna Dailey and Colleen Kennedy and we thank Peggy Hoenig and Nola Romano for their generous service on the Board in 2003.

Membership Dues of $5.00 are now due for 2004. Please use the addressed envelope provided if you would like to mail a check (no cash in the mail, please) made out to St. Michael's Chapel Association, Inc. We welcome new members to register at any time. To do so, please contact any Board Member.

St. Michael's website,, is looking very different these days! The role of Webmaster has passed from Gerard Bugge to Konstantin Samueli. We thank both Gerard and long-time Association Member Tom Stadnik for all their hard work in the creation and maintenance of our wonderful site. Konstantin now works with Nola (continuing in her role as Web Liaison) to keep the site vital and attractive to a readership that spans the globe.

Events 2004
Some dates may change - please consult or call St. Michael's to confirm

We remain united with you in prayer in the Holy Spirit and hope to see you soon at St. Michael's.

Vincent Marquardt, President
Joanna Dailey, Vice President
Colleen Kennedy, Vice President
Vincent Romano, Secretary
Mary Ellen Strei, Treasurer
St. Michael’s Chapel Association, Inc., is a New York State Not-For-Profit Corporation and a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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