St. Michael's Chapel Association's Letter ― October '04

St. Michael's Chapel Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 320277
Bush Terminal Station
Brooklyn, New York 11232

October 7, 2004

Dear Association Members and Friends of St. Michael's,

Warm greetings in Christ!

On Sun., October 24th after the Divine Liturgy the Association will host its Annual Meeting which we espect to be as well attended and as lively as last year! We'll review the past year, upcoming events and the Association's financial status and finish with an open discussion of topics suggested by the Membership. (Note: If you are proposing a topic which will require a vote, please notify a Board Memeber in advance so that we can include it on the Agenda.) Immediately after our meeting, Elections will take place for the 2005 Board of Directors.

We will return to the delighful CremCaffe in the East Village for the Seventh Annual St. Michael's Dinner on Sun., 7 Nov., 2–5 PM. We hope your response to the enclosed invitation will be "Yes…!" and that we will have the joy of seeing you for this annual celebration of the protection of our great patron!

We thank all those who joined in offering hospitality during the recent San Gennaro Festival. As usual, many festival-goers ducked into the quiet oasis of our little chapel. New visitors were surprised to find such a place in the midst of the festivities while those returning were grateful to find us still here!

Although our June Bake Sale went well, our May Rummage Sale went so well we decided to turn the October Bake Sale into a Rummage Sale. As October approached, however, we realized that we had our hands full preparing for the Annual Meeting and Elections so we have postponed the Rummage Sale until May 2005. This means you have many month now to sort out all those things in your house or apartment that you'd like to contribute to the sale! Please start collecting and stay tuned…

For those of you who were at St. Michael's during Great Lent and at Pascha this year, you will remember we had a little drawing at the Paschal Trapeza in which the prize was an icon painted by Maria Fateeva. We are pleased to be able to host for a second time this event which so sparkled the enthusiasm of the whoile community. It was Mascha's joy to write the first icon and now she is ready and eager to prepare another for Pascha 2005.

Have you visited our website lately, We are very gratified to find that the site is now not only a source of information about things Byzantine Russian Catholic but also the tool of communication and expression for Byzantine Russian Catholic communities in Russia. Under such links as "ruscath news", "rus cath communities" and "library" you will find documents written and published by these communities. It is our privilege to be able to support them in making their voices heard as they work to build up the communion of their churches in Russia

We hope the year thus far has been filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit for you and for your loved ones and we hope to see you very soon at St. Michael's.

Vincent Marquardt, President
Joanna Dailey, Vice President
Colleen Kennedy, Vice President
Vincent Romano, Secretary
Mary Ellen Strei, Treasurer
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