St. Michael's Chapel Association's Letter ― September '05

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September 8, 2005
Nativity of the Theotokos

Dear Association Members and Friends of St. Michael's,

As a new liturgical year begins we wish you every blessing in the Lord! We would like to inform you of remaining events in the calendar year of 2005 (please note that you are most welcome to participate in all Association events regardless of your status as an Association Member!)

As for events that have come and gone in 2005… we thank all those who joined in making the Rummage Sale such a success! It required quite a lot of time and energy but we were very pleased with the results. We also thank Maria Fateeva for the beautiful icon of the Mother of God which she created for the drawing at the 2005 Paschal Trapeza. A lucky new-comer to St. Michael's was the winner of this treasure!

Our website, continues to provide information to the world regarding all things Byzantine Russian Catholic. If you have questions about or suggestions for the website please contact Nola Romano at the website e-mail address,

We wish you and your loved ones a new year filled with grace and strength and we hope to see you very soon at St. Michael's.

Vincent Marquardt, President
Joanna Dailey, Vice President
Sean Folley, Vice President
Vincent Romano, Secretary
Mary Ellen Strei, Treasurer
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