Russian Byzantine Catholic Churches:
News and Recent Events

April 18, 2006 (Moscow) Orthodox-Catholic Relations: An Interview with Metropolitan Kirill
Oct. 30, 2005 (Paris, France) Death of Fr. Bernard Dupire, pastor of the Russian Catholic parish in Paris
Jul. 5, 2005 (Moscow, Russia) Ukrainian Greek-Catholics in Russia restricted
Mar. 6, 2005 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Hierodeacon Diego To Be Ordained On April 1
Feb. 4, 2005 ( The life of Archbishop Werth (in Russian)
Jan. 31, 2005 (Omsk) Normalization of the Canonical Position of the Catholics of Byzantine Rite in Russia
Aug. 25, 2004 (St. Petersburg) Letter of the Russian Byzantine Exarchate to the Holy Father John Paul II pleading for the official re-establishment of the Exarchate.

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