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Byzantine History and Heritage

Fresco of Sts Constantine and Helena, Haghia Triada Greek Catholic Cathedral, Athens, Greece

Milton V. Anastos, Constantinople and Rome: A Survey of the Relations between the Byzantine and the Roman Churches, in: M. Anastos, Aspects of the Mind of Byzantium (Political Theory, Theology, and Ecclesiastical Relations with the See of Rome), Ashgate Publications, Variorum Collected Studies Series, 2001.

A history of "Romania", i.e. the Eastern Roman Empire, which also known as the Byzantine Empire.

The Hebrew University's New Jerusalem Mosaic survey dealing with the Holy City of Jerusalem in the Roman and Byzantine periods.

Our Lady of Wisdom Italo-Greek Byzantine Catholic Church, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Byzantine Italy.

Walter Berschin, Early Byzantine Italy and the Maritime Lands of the West, in: Greek Letters and the Latin Middle Ages. From Jerome to Nicholas of Cusa. The Catholic University of America Press.

Faras Gallery (Byzantine Influence in Medieval Nubia).

Many sources and texts pertaining to various aspects of Byzantine spirituality, history, and culture can be found on the Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Studies site.

Angeliki A. Laiou, Byzantium and the West, in: Angeliki E.Laiou, Henry Maguire (eds.), Byzantium, A World Civilization, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Washington, D.C., 1992.

Walter Berschin, From the Middle of the Eleven Century to the Latin Conquest of Constantinople, in: Greek Letters and the Latin Middle Ages. The Catholic University of America Press.

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