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Bro. John Samaha's enlightening reflection on Mary, Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos, in his essay Is There a Byzantine Mariology?.

Our love and devotion to Mary, Our Lady Theotokos, in the Russian Byzantine tradition is linked in a special way Our Lady's most notable reported apparitions of the twentieth century.

The Byzantine Chapel at the Domus Pacis in Fatima, Portugal is home to the icon of Our Lady of Kazan.

Our Lady's apparitions in Soufanieh, Damascus (Syria), place of St. Paul's conversion, and her plea for Christian Unity in the celebration of Pascha/Easter are detailed on the Our Lady of Soufanieh, Syria and the Notre Dame de Soufanieh Web sites.

Bruce Condé's article Did Christ Visit Maghdouche's al-Mantara Cave Chapel? speaks to the importance of the Marian tradition and of miraculous events in the Christian East.

The apparitions of Our Lady at the Coptic Church in Zeitun, Egypt, which were witnessed by thousands of Christians and Muslims alike, are also of special importance to Eastern Christians.

Saints and Martyrs

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese's Saints and Feasts page.

St. Polyeuktos the Martyr was much venerated in Constantinople and the church dedicated to him was one of the important early monuments of distinctively Byzantine decorative art and architecture.

Here's another link for St. Polyeuktos―one of Lady Anicia Juliana's favorites.

St. Nicholas was from Bari where his relics are still venerated in the Basilica of St. Nicholas.


For information about the Servant of God Fr. Walter Ciszek and the cause for his canonization at the Fr. Walter Ciszek Prayer League page.

At Jim Forest's Orthodox Peace Fellowship site, you can read Mother Maria Skobtsova's recently discovered manuscript describing the types of Russian spirituality in their entirety and by following links there access fine resources for spiritual growth and reflection.

The Mother Maria Skobtsova page offers many prayers for use and much information about this twentieth-century martyr's life of Christian witness and oblation.

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