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History of Russia and of the Russian Church

Orthodox Encyclopedia: History at

Manuals of Russian History

Documents for the History of the Russian Orthodox Church [ "Память чести"/White Guard Website ]

For a panoramic glimpse of Russia under the Romanovs, visit the on-line exhibit at the New York Public Library.

St. Jacob the Just   Orthodox Fraternity, Prof. Ivan Andreyev (ROCOR) and “Russian True Orthodox (Clandestine) Church”

Analysis of «The Fundamentals of Social Conception of the Russian Orthodox Church» 2000 by Fr. Benjamin Novik


The Russian Orthodox Chuch in the United States

Ukrainian Orthodox Christianity

Belarusan Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Brooklyn, NY

Belarusan Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Wales, UK

Orthodox Church of Canada ― Ukrainian Autocephalous Mission

Pre-Nikonian Russian Orthodoxy

Staroobrad «The Ancient Orthodox Rite» (in Russian)

Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church, Belaya Krinitsa Hierarchy [ English | Russian ]

Vyatka Old-RitStaroobryadchestvoe

Old-Rite Chistianity in Russia before the 1917 Revolution

«Breve vita del padre nostro tra i santi Ambrogio Metropolita di Belo-Krinitsa e di tutti gli antichi ortodossi, il confessore».

History of the Church in Russia by the Blessed Makarios, Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna, St. Petersburg, 1845 (in Russian) | Another version.

History and Culture of the Old (pre-1700s) Rus (titles of the clergy, plan and architecture of churches, iconography)

Zlatoust [«Chrysostom», ROCOR, Oriental Province, Archdiocese of Ishim-Siberia]

The Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity (Old Rite) in Erie, PA, [ ROCOR ]

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