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Father Archimandrite Sergiusz Gajek meeting with His Holiness Pope John Paul II at Sieldce, Poland, June 10, 1999

The Greek-Catholic Church in Belarus (the heir to the Union of Brest) experienced severe trials under the former Soviet regime; its faithful were persecuted and the Church itself was suppressed. Only 10 years ago, beginning in 1989, was its revival begun.

At the present time, the Greek-Catholic parishes in Belarus are located in 12 different urban centers. In other localities Greek-Catholic communities are in the process of being registered. Though the clergy are few in number, there are signs of growth. There are 6 priests and 1 deacon engaged in the Church's pastoral service. In addition, the monastic life is being reborn. There are also currently 8 seminarians studying in the seminaries of different countries.

The majority of the parishes do not yet possess their own houses of worship. (At present, only two Greek-Catholic parishes have been able to build small churches). In some places it has recently become possible to organize small house chapels, while in others liturgical worship is celebrated in rooms rented for this purpose for several hours a week.

The Greek-Catholic parish of Saints Cyril and Methodius in the city of Baranavichy does not possess its own premises. From its beginning until now, because of its poverty of means, the Parish has been constrained to hold its worship in a private apartment. There is great need to establish a pastoral center.

In this situation every gift and offering that would enable us to realize our goal would be greatly appreciated.

If out of the kindness of your heart, you find it possible to contribute to the continuation of this project, you would have our heartfelt gratitude.

In order to contact us, please use the following address:

Archim. Sergio Gajek, M.I.C.
Via Corsica, I
I - 00198 ROMA, Italy

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