Directory of Byzantine Parishes
Greece and Crete


The Byzantine-rite communities of Greece are placed under the omophorion of Bishop Anargyros the Byzantine, or Greek Catholic, Exarchate of the Catholic Church in Crete. Please visit that Website or the very own new site of the Greek Catholic Exarchate for more information.

Ierós Naós Ayías Triádos / Holy Trinity Cathedral
Acharnōn 246, 112 53 Athens
Tel. 01–867–6988
Southern exposure

Eastern exposure

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The Interior of the Dome: The Pantokrator
Synaxis Triados Cathedral
Iakovaton St. 43, 111 44 Athens
Tel. 01–228–4851


Aghiou Petrou & Pavlou Church
Didaskalou str. 2, 581 00 Jannitsa
Tel. 03–822–2368

On Religious Freedom and the Rights for Byzantine Catholics in Greece [ Center for Studies on New Religions ].

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