Directory of Byzantine Parishes
Italy and Greek-Albanian Diaspora

Information about the Catholic Churches of Oriental Rite in Rome

For some information about our brothers and sisters of the Italo-Greek-Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church here in the United States as well as links to sites about their Greek and Albanian heritage and homelands, visit the page of the Arbëresh Italian-Byzantine Rite Catholic Society of Our Lady of Grace and the site of Our Lady of Grace Mission, both of which are located in Staten Island, NY

Make sure you don't miss a tour of the Monastery of Grottaferrata and our links about this Monastery on our Monasticism in the Christian East Page.

The Italo-Greek-Albanian Byzantine Catholic community in Las Vegas has established itself as a new parish, Our Lady of Wisdom Italo-Greek Byzantine Catholic Church, with a new church building of their own and a new website.

The Italian Catholic Bishops' Conference site provides some basic information about the Italo-Greek-Albanian epachies of Lungro Calabrese and Piana degli Albanese in Southern Italy.

There is now colorful, well illustrated, and informative site about the Italo-Albanian Byzantine Catholic community of Lungro in Calabria, part of which is dedicated to the Eparchy of Lungro.

Those who read Italian will find an interesting article about the communities of immigrants from Albania and Corfu in the Southern Italian city of Lecce at the site of the Giuseppe Palmieri State High School in Lecce.

Greek Catholic Church in Cargese, Corsica

In nearby Marseilles you can find information about the Greek Catholic parish there on the Diocese of Marseilles website (click-on the first bullet point "Les horaires des messes du diocese" and then click on "autres").

The Greek Catholic parish Church of the Purification (Chiesa della Purificazione) in the multi-cultural port city of Livorno (Leghorn), Italy, is presented on the Livorno Diocesan site in two places (in the side bar on the left, first scroll down to and click on "Territorio" and then select "cultura" on the main screen to read a brief history of this parish in Italian and to see a photo of the church's exterior; then back in the side bar, scroll down and click on "Immagini" and then select and click on "Maria" and then wait for the slide show to begin - the fourth slide shows the iconostasis of the Chiesa della Purificazione).

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