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Eastern Catholic Churches and Parishes

An amazingly all-encompassing list of Eastern Catholic sites is hosted on the European Catholic portal.

Some links to many Eastern Catholic pages with twenty different Eastern Catholic Churches represented, can be found on the Eastern Catholicism Link Page of Rosemarie's Mystical Rose Page.

Lists of Byzantine, Chalcedonian and other churches — from Norway.

Links to Catholic Churches at the Domine, Dirige nos Website.

California Parishes at the site of the Eastern Catholic Pastoral Association of Southern California

If you are unfamiliar with the Eastern Catholic Churches in general and are unaware of their geographic breadth, a short virtual trip around the globe may be in order. For this trip we are confining ourselves to Byzantine Catholic Churches other than those of the Russian tradition (for which see the Directory on this site).

Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic Diocese in Union City, NJ
Eparchy of St. Maron in Brooklyn, NY.
The Maronite Research Center, publisher of The Journal of Maronite Studies
Eparchy of San Charbel in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Melkite/Middle Eastern
The Catholic Churches of the Middle East
St. Cyril Greek Catholic Church in Cairo, Egypt
A former parishioner and friend of St Michael's is pastor at St. George Melkite Catholic Church in Milwaukee WI, whose site has evolved into the Melkite Catholic Eparchy of Newton as well.
Melkite communities of Australia
The Role and Position of the Eastern Catholic Churches within the Catholic Church.

For information about the Catholics, Byzantine or Latin, in Kazakhstan, see Credo, the Kazakhstan Diocesan Newsletter site. The site, however, has not been updated since 1999. There is an article in Credo about the Greek Catholics in Kazakstan.

Our francophone readers and those who like beautiful icons and frescoes will want to visit the parish website of St. John the Baptist.

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