Directory of Byzantine Parishes
Russian Federation: East of the Urals

The few parishes for Ukrainian Greek Catholics are placed here under the omophorion of Bishop Joseph Werth, Apostolic Administrator for Asian Russia and a spiritual son of Bishop Alexander Chira.

Fr. Sergius Golovanov has been the Visitator of the Greek Catholics of Asian Russia since 1994.

Omsk Region

Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
70 1-go Oktiabria, 14/2-81, Omsk

Pastor Fr. Sergii Golovanov
Tel.: 7-3812-163-661
Fax : 7-3812-251-531

The parish in Prokopyevsk has been in existence since 1960 when Fr. Vassily Rudko, C.Ss.R., a Greek Catholic priest, began working as an underground priest in this area. References to some of these communities and their history can be found under the following topics on pages of the websites of the Apostolic Administration of Asian Russia (in German) and the Letter from Siberia (in English):

Visit of the Greek Catholic Auxilliary Bishop of the L'viv Eparchy, His Grace Julian Gbur, during his visit to Omsk in June 1998. Also shown are Fr. Sergius Golovanov, Fr Josef Svidnitsky, and two Latin rite priests from Slovakia who work in Omsk

See reference under the heading for Omsk on the Region West page of the Apostolic Administration site.

Kemerovo Region

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
Prokopievsk, Kemerovo Region

Pastor Fr. Yaroslaw Spodar, CssR.

See reference under the heading for PROKOPJEW on the Zentralregion page of the Apostolic Adminstration site.

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Parish
Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Region

Pastor: Fr. Alexei Barannikov

Concerning the Servant of God Bishop Alexander Chira, see Letter from Siberia, Issue 4, page 2.

Concerning the work of Fr. Vassily Rudko, C.Ss.R. and the community of Prokopievsk, see Letter from Siberia, Issue 11, pages 1–2, Letter from Siberia, Issue 15, page 3, Letter from Siberia, Issue 18, page 2, and Geschichte (History), page 2, on the Web site of the Apostolic Administration of Asian Russia.

Concerning the visit to Novosibersk by Bishop Julian Gbur of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church see Aktuelles (News) page 2 on the Apostolic Administration site.

Fr Golovanov advises that there are 5 priests (4 Russians and 1 Ukrainian) serving these communities and that these communities publish an information bulletin entitled Primirenie.


Eastern Catholics and Orthodox in Communion with the See of Rome living in the area covered by the new Apostolic Administration of Siberia and seeking spiritual aid should contact:

PO Box 279, Krasnoyarsk 660021, Russia
(7-3912) 228-044

N.B.: Krasnoyarsk was one of the cities in which the Servant of God Walter Ciszek, S.J., lived and worked as a priest after his release from the gulag.

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