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Russian Federation


St. Metropolitan Philip of Moscow Russian Orthodox Parish
in Communion with the See of Rome
Filyovsky Boulevard 17, kv. 461, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (7–095) 448–86–15
Fax.: (7–095) 119–33–16

Divine Liturgy every Thursday at 9:30 AM, and on Major Feasts.

Innokenty <>
Starosta Vladimir Belov passed away on March 8, 2004. Pray for him!

Read Mr. Belov's essay "Faith By Decree" | “ПРИКАЗАНО ВЕРИТЬ” [MS Word] [HTML] (on the Government-run system of Christian religious education in Russia, in Russian).

Holy Brother Apostles Sts. Peter and Andrew Russian Orthodox Church
in communion with the See of Rome

Web site:

[Pastor] Fr. Andrew Udovenko
Tel.: (7–095) 467–84–71

Chapel of the Missionaries of Charity, ul. Chechulina, 13, 105568 Moscow
Vespers at 6 PM on Saturday, Divine Liturgy at 9 AM on Sunday

This is the first Orthodox-Catholic community founded in Moscow in 1991.

Read an interesting 1992 perspective on this community struggling through the first post-Glasnost years. In July 2001, Feodor Petrov of the St. Petersburg Community of St. Michael the Archangel, took another look at this community as well as several interesting photos.

St. Petersburg

Community of the Holy Cross
Pavel Parfentiev <>

Read the October 2003 Letter from this Community [ HTML ]

Mr. Parfentiev is Editor of the Web site Orthodox Catholics: Byzantine-Rite Catholicism in Russia, published in Russian in collaboration with Frs. Sergii Golovanov and Stefano Caprio.

The Community of St. Michael the Archangel of the Russian Orthodox Church
in communion with Rome
Feodor Petrov <>

Enjoy the first newsletter of this community and news of the Society of the Mother of God of Vladimir

Read more about this Community [ HTML ]

Feodor Petrov on the Greek-Catholics in North-Western Russia [local copy]

Siberia: Omsk Region

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Russian Orthodox Parish
in communion with the See of Rome
Sargatskoye, Omsk Region

[Pastor] Fr. Sergii Golovanov <>

Fr. Sergii Golovanov in Sts. Cyril and Methodius Russian Orthodox Church in communion with the See of Rome

For more photos of that Community see our Photo Gallery ― updated Oct. 4, 1999

For news from Father's 2004 trip to Rome, please see the RusCath News section of our Web site.

Fr. Sergii Golovanov maintains two Web sites:

Siberia: Tyumen Region

St. Nicholas' Greek Catholic Community
РФ, Тюменская обл., ХМАО,628201 г.Нижневартовск ул.Первомайская , 83
83 ul. Pervomayskaya, Nishnyevartovsk, Tyumenskaya Oblast, Chanty-Mansiyskiy AO, 628201 Russia
Tel./fax:+7 (3466) 21-16-27

[Pastor] Fr. Ivan Leha <>

Read the Christmas 2003 Greetings from the Parish [ HTML ] and the pastoral letter [ HTML ]

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