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Russian Catholic Movement

When accessing the links below, you may wish to keep in mind the explanation and clear advice given by Fr. John Mowatt, a Russian Catholic priest, on behalf of our Melkite Catholic brothers.

Linda DeLaine's crash course on the Byzantine Catholic Church in Russia ["Russian Life"; very highly recommended; the Redemptorist link is wrong on that page, however; see below ]

The Servant of God Exarch Leonid Feodorov (†1935) and Bishop Pavlos Meletiev (†1962). [ A truly breathtaking panorama of the Russian-rite Catholic Movement; very highly recommended. ]

D. Putchkin, Exarch Leonid Fedorov and the Latin Rite (in Russian).

Russian Catholics in St. Petersburg before the 1917 Revolution (in Russian).

Fr. Sergii Golovanov's Вселенство («Catholicity») Website hosts an excellent colection of resources on Russian Catholicism, from historical surveys to a lithurgical calendar. Fr. Sergii was introduced to Catholicism by Fr. Andrew Udovenko.

An excellent historical survey of the Russian Greek-Catholic movement, reminiscences, images, ecumenical news and documents Вселенское Православие [“Catholic Orthodoxy: Eastern Christianity in Communion with the Holy Apostolic See”; site slow]

A most intresting History of Russian Greek-Catholic Church [in Russian; very similar to ours (!?); site slow]

Tim Spalding's Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comprehensive Guide to Issues and Materials

Lawrence Uzzell on the Russians and Catholics [First Things 126 (October 2002): 21-23]

Fr. Justin (Popovitch), The Orthodox Church and the Ecumenical Movement.

Father Ronald Roberson, CSP's book, Eastern Christian Churches.

Save our Ukrainian Orthodox Church!.

Interview with Agaphangel, Metropolitan of Odessa and Ismael, touching, among other things, on the recent establishment of a Catholic diocese in Odessa (in Russian).


Religious Freedom in Europe.

Ecumentical News International.

World Council of Churches.

United Religions Initiative

A List of Eastern Catholic Churches and a very complete collection of Ecumenical Links [ Pro Oriente, Austria ]

Books and Miscellaneous Items

Centro Russia Ecumenica Roma


Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann

The Transnational Vladimir Solovyov Society

The Transnational Institute's Russia on the Web > Philosophy Sites

Some sites dedicated to Fr Alexander Men, the martyred Russian Orthodox priest who was one of the 20th century's most brilliant Christian thinkers:

Fr. Alexander Men Home Page
Fr. Alexander Men Humanitarian Fund
Andrei Yeremin's Book on Fr. Alexander Men

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