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Orthodox Spirituality


What to Expect When You Visit an Orthodox Church (Orthodox Christian News Service).

Introduction to Orthodoxy at (with a Carpatho-Rusyn flavor)

Blagovest «Gospel» Web site of the Orthodox Churches in the town of Lozovaya, Kharkov Region, Ukraine (in Russian)

Orthodox Christianity: The Creed, Prayers/Jasus' Prayer, Calendar, Krsna Slava [ St. George Serbian Church of Kansas City, Kansas ]


Fr. Yakov Krotov's library contains a wealth of historical and theological texts (in Russian; very highly recommended).

The Orthodox Christian Information Center: An Internet Voice for Traditional Orthodox Thought and Practice.

The Orthodox Prayer Book.

rus†sky [ very highly recommended ]

Христианин «The Christian» [ very highly recommended ]

Orthodox Spirituality [ "Встреча с православием"]

Orthodox Reading Room at (in Bulgarian)

The Russian Christian Homepage [ Scripture, theology, charities ].

«Directed Readings on Orthodoxy» on the Web site of the Roman Orthodox Church (sic!)

Traditional Byzantine Rite Fast and Abstinence: Russian rite, Ruthenian rite, Melkite rite, Greek rite, in: Fr. R. Janin, A.A., Les églises orientales et les rites orientaux, Paris, 1922.

El Arca de Noe (Eastern Christian feast days, saints and iconography, the Philokalia ― in Spanish)

Orthodoxy in the Ukraine [ very highly recommended ] [-in Ukrainian/Russian-].

The Transnational Institute's Russia on the Web > Religion Sites

Articles and Essays on the Orthodox Faith [Holy Transfiguration Antiochian Orthodox Church, Warrenville, IL]

St. Mary's Antiochian Orthodox Church, Topeka, IN

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